Love was certainly in the air at Philip W. Sugg Middle School in Lisbon this past Valentine’s Day. In the spirit of the holiday, carnations were sold by members of the PWS Student Council to raise money for upcoming projects. The elegant flowers were made available to students and faculty for only $1 each. Students were able to purchase the carnations after lunch breaks at school.

The sale was a hit! Over 500 carnations were sold. If you do the math, with the student population at PWS, everyone could get at least two carnations. This event was an awesome opportunity for students to show friendship and love. The symbols of friendship and love were distributed on Tuesday, February 13 late in the afternoon to beat the events Mother Nature planned on Valentine’s Day. Student Council representatives visited homerooms and distributed the flowers. Despite the impending snowstorm on Valentine’s Day, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation for Valentine’s Day at PWS!

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