Anyone who attended Turner Elementary School remembers one thing: the playground. Not only was it the highlight of any kid’s day, it was different than any other playground around, but now it seems it is on the way out.

At the last inspection the playground got it’s usual approval but with a warning. The playground has got to go, and soon. It is made mainly of compressed wood, which is very unhealthy. As the years have gone by a lot of the funniest parts have been broken. I remember in my time that the tire stairs were removed and replaced by a plain board. The sandbox has been empty for years.

The good news is that as this playground is dying another is being born. Some local mothers (Kay Lesseur, Liana Poulin, Carry Irish, Lee Gaudette, Tina Nadeau, and our own Mrs. Marschall) have been raising money to get a new one. They are hoping to be able to raise the $125,000 over the course of two years and have already got $25,000. I was informed by Mrs. Marschall that there is no reason to fear a big hideous neon atrocity. They are looking for something that, while still meeting all safety codes, blends in with the area. The group is also talking to kids in Turner Primary and Turner Elementary School to see what they want.

These mothers also hope that they can make the playground a place for the whole community where people can take their children for playing and picnics and daycare’s can get their kids some exercise (as long as school isn’t in session.) This may even help improve the annual Festival on the Green, which takes place on the elementary school field every July 4th .

If you would like to help raise money, there are a number of events going on. Once a month a movie night is held at 6:30, for only $3.00 (less than the price of a ticket at the movies) you get a movie, snack, and drink. On March 9th in the Leavitt Cafeteria they are showing the family film “Flicka.” Preceding the movie there is also a different theme, this month it’s pizza which will be served from 5-6:15. On April 1st there will be basket bingo and, for all you Contra Dancer’s out there, there will be a dance the following Friday. Also, to celebrate the long awaited spring a “Spring Fling” will be hosted with a cow plop drop bingo game.

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