Not congratulations, but consolations, for your new low in journalistic achievement.

I had long considered your b-section to be a misguided attempt to be “cool.” Your Feb. 14 issue went way beyond “cool” into the category of waste and garbage. I couldn’t believe that my local paper could stoop so low.

It appears to me that the technique of devoting so much space to very large pictures and blank space that your staff must have a problem writing. Over a half-page to tell us about fried dogs. Nearly a whole page of picture, blank space, and less that a paragraph devoted to “Trading Wonka.”

Perhaps the most disgusting was the large picture and interview with a clerk in a sex toy store. If that was worth the paper and ink it took to print that piece, please cancel my subscription to the Sunday edition. It looks to me that some adult supervision is overdue at your paper.

William R. Adams, Lewiston

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