Sending 21,000 troops to Iraq got a cold reception, so Bush found another way to advance his objective: send more troops to Afghanistan. Some suggest limiting funds for the war. Funds and troops will be debated for months by politicians and the media. Bush found a way around the debate by focusing on Afghanistan. Not only is Bush asking for more troops, he wants billions of dollars to rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq.

We rebuild whole countries, but little progress in New Orleans. We’ve spent billions of dollars funding the wars. Billions have been spent to destroy these countries then billions more to rebuild what we destroyed. Money was borrowed from other countries who charge interest. Imagine doing the same thing, like angrily destroying your neighbor’s house, then rebuilding it while yours falls into disrepair, and charge the materials to your credit card.

What would you gain? Your neighbor still dislikes you and you dislike him. You’re further in debt and your house needs repairs. Your neighbor has a new house thanks to you. Apparently that’s how our government works. Bush is sacrificing men and money on war while ignoring the needs of America.

America needs to repair its own house. Our president needs to stop sacrificing the lives of our soldiers and hard earned dollars on this quagmire his administration has created. Put our own house in order before trying to repair someone else’s.

It’s time to pay off the debt instead of adding to it.

Deanne Danforth, Turner

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