Members of the Visible Community want to communicate support of development that creates good, new, living-wage jobs in the downtown area of Lewiston. We stand ready to do our part to help make this happen. We are also very excited about collaborating with newly elected Mayor Laurent Gilbert, the City Council and staff to create and implement policies and plans that assure a positive future for downtown Lewiston.

We welcome the City Council’s offer to relocate Maple Street Park and replace unsafe equipment. We do, however, think there is an additional step necessary for the new development proposal put forth at the City Council workshop of Feb. 22. We urge the city hold public meetings that include businesses, residents and organizations affected by the project, to determine the location and design of the needed parking. We think there will be alternatives that would save the city resources and time as well as avoid tension and conflict in the future.

We look forward to having the park restored and to assisting the city in identifying appropriate parking for new, prospective businesses in ways that help protect, preserve and improve the downtown residential neighborhood.

Ari Rosenberg, Lewiston

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