On Saturday, March 3, I turned to the sport pages of the Sun Journal, hoping to read something about the high school hockey tournament being played that day. There was not one word. There were eight teams playing at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee. Lewiston High School was the only remaining local team.

I did see more than one page for basketball. It seems there could have been a little space for these hockey teams and players. A little recognition would have been nice. After all, they are also athletes. Your paper seems to favor basketball, by the coverage.

On March 4, the semi-finals were over. Once again, full page coverage for basketball, and only a very small article at the bottom of the sports front page for the Lewiston-Brunswick game. They did not even deserve a small picture. Why couldn’t the basketball picture be smaller and a small one of the Devils-Dragons game be used?

I feel that high school hockey doesn’t get the coverage, even if a local team is involved. The same goes for swimming and cheering.

Lucille Nadeau, Sabattus

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