Why are our children being taught that homosexuality is okay? What have our schools come to?

What adults decide to do in the privacy of their homes is one thing, but I do not believe that children from seventh grade through high school really know who they are yet. Being told that being homosexual is an acceptable alternative in school is not right. If anything, the dangers of that lifestyle should be touched upon in health class.

In the lobby of the high school in my town, there are posters advertising a gay-straight alliance. In the office are pamphlets showing the way to acceptance and endorsement. In school announcements there, too, and on the local channel it’s there as well. What gives? All the other clubs that meet do not get any of that type of attention.

I believe it has come to the point where a student who is straight feels as if he, or she, is in the minority. They feel pressured to “fit in” and accept the alternative way.

Our schools have become so liberal that anything goes; nothing is wrong. Make your own decision on what you feel is right, but don’t say anything if you feel something is wrong, because if you do, you are then labeled as homophobic, a troublemaker or just brushed off.

In upcoming elections, I will vote against people who support the liberalizing of the schools.

Anthony Christakis, Poland

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