Animal shelters need Maine’s support. The animals don’t have enough space to stay before adoption.

I know how hard it is just walking through an animal shelter, and seeing all of the poor animals with their little snouts and paws in the side of the cage, wanting to be loved by a pet-less owner, but all they want is to have a family.

Animal shelters need Maine’s support because of the horrible conditions and the lack of food in some animal shelters. The animals are forced to live in horrible conditions in their cages, because they aren’t getting the proper care they need.

The people that work at the shelters are doing the best they can, but they don’t have enough resources, including money. A simple solution is possibly giving the shelters more money so that the animals can live in a clean and healthy environment.

Humane societies, in some cities, are being funded by personal donations, public donations, the government or state taxes. A great example is Auburn’s local animal shelter, the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society. This animal shelter has mostly received donations to help support it. They have just recently built a new shelter. The shelter could have been built sooner if the government or the state donated to their fund.

I think that this topic is a big problem in Maine and I know it would help if anyone could pitch in and help the animal shelters.

Jaclyn E. Masters

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