The amount of kids smoking marijuana has really increased over the years. More than 15,000 teens between the ages of 14-18 have tried marijuana. Kids abuse drugs and use them because they are having problems.

They think it helps them. Well, it doesn’t help them at all. It makes them sick and unhealthy.

Something should be done.

Marijuana affects kids and how they learn and play sports. But kids can be talking about it right in school, and teachers may not realize it. There are so many slang words, that teachers think they are talking about something else.

I’ve heard: Mary Jane, skunk, and boom. In lots of these cases, kids will use the term “skunk” so teachers will think they are talking about skunks. All teachers should be aware of this. Lots of parents also do these type of things.

Kids try to help their parents, and then they get in the habit of it. Or friends that have tried this are pressuring others into doing it.

Marijuana needs to be stopped.A lot of people are trying it and over the years, more than 75 percent of teens and adults will have tried it. I would like to see this stop.

Parents do not encourage kids to do this. Or allow other kids to encourage other kids to do it. Please help make it become less of an issue so the state can worry about bigger things that are happening in our state.

Britney Paradis

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