Global warming is a worldwide concern.

Remember this past Christmas without any snow? That could be a result of global warming. Every Christmas could be like that, if changes are not made. Aside from no snow in December, certain animals are slowly decreasing in numbers. It’s very possible for animals in the Arctic that rely on the thick ice to rest on to become extinct.

Animals like the polar bear are being affected by global warming. In a 2006 Scholastic article by Patricia Janes, “On Thin Ice,” explains that in the year 2004, a wave of unusually warm water from the Bering Sea traveled along the coast of Alaska. Scientists discovered four polar bears that had drowned of exhaustion because there had been no ice for them to rest on.

Actions like this will continue to progress if they are not taken care of.

The author of “NASA Scientist Urges Action on Warming,” Tom Gardner, states “…the earth is within one degree Celsius of its warmest period in the past 400,000 years…” These dramatic changes are caused from pollution, such as fossil fuels that get trapped in the atmosphere and are heated up from the sun.

To prevent this from happening, we should conserve fossil fuels by using fewer automobiles as transportation. Making simple changes like this, simply by walking or riding a bike, could prevent future problems around the world caused by global warming.

Tanner Nolin

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