Daylight-saving time arrived at 2 a.m. Sunday. Congress decided to move it up three weeks to save energy. Moving the clocks ahead one hour has the effect of moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. But that’s not all it will do. The Plain Dealer has investigated this thoroughly and come up with the following pros and cons:

PRO: One hour less of Anna Nicole Smith coverage.

CON: One hour closer to airing of one-year anniversary Anna Nicole Smith TV specials.

PRO: An hour closer to St. Patrick’s Day.

CON: More daylight to see St. Patrick’s Day drunks.

PRO: Dark morning commute to hide from “red light” cameras.

CON: Speeders are sitting ducks in daylight evening commute.

PRO: Summer weather arrives an hour earlier.

CON: So does swimsuit season.

PRO: Daylight start to happy hour.

CON: Last call one hour earlier.

PRO: An hour closer to your next paycheck.

CON: An hour closer to income tax day (Tuesday, April 15).

PRO: One hour closer to summer movie season.

CON: One hour closer to summer movie season.

PRO: Celebrities lose an hour of partying time.

CON: Celebrities lose an hour of rehab.

PRO: Good excuse to miss morning obligations this Sunday.

CON: Too tired to put the free time to good use.

PRO: One less hour of winter.

CON: Cold extends one hour deeper into spring.

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