On March 3, the Sun Journal ran an article about a Connecticut man who was calling for a boycott of Maine for the state’s reluctance to impliment the “Real ID” proposal.

Peter Gadiel seems bitter and angry at the loss of his son on 9/11. As Americans, we all feel his pain. However, I would tell him, “You’d get more done with kind words.”

As a Mainer, I resent his cryptic statement that we’re stupid, backwoods hillbillies. We are a conscientious people who think things through.

Our leaders have serious concerns regarding the people’s privacy. Such concerns are not “garbage.” I feel Gadiel is singling out Maine for his wrath because three of the hijackers came through Portland, and our leaders question the validity of the ID proposal. He, in turn, views Maine as the enemy.

I’m sorry for his loss. However, finding fault with a brother won’t bring his son back.

If he chooses not to use our goods and services, fine. I don’t think his son would want him to be miserable or bitter. Instead, he should try to educate, not persecute.

The acts of 9/11 weren’t committed by Americans. Visitors with evil intentions did that.

We need to focus better on who is coming into our homeland, not our brothers and sisters. Our privacy is paramount to those who relocate here or visit.

Michael Milbury, Windham

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