Dear Sun Spots: Several years ago on the religion page, a copy of a St. Joanna painting was featured. I was very interested because my grandmother, for whom I’m named, Joanna Frances Clancy Walsh, was born in Ireland in 1840.

The religion editor helped me locate the Biblical Archaeology Society in Washington, and I have subscribed ever since. A recent issue mentioned a book, “History of Jesus” by Pope Benedict XVI, previously Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. I called Ignatius Press, where I’ve bought several of Ratzinger’s books, and the person had no information. Could you please find the information for me?

Also, Cardinal Stanislas Dziwisy has published a memoir about his days as papal secretary and confidant to Pope John Paul II. Could you please also find information on this for me or an American publisher?

I always check books reviewed in the Sun Journal and am awaiting reading some from interlibrary loans.

Lastly, I am looking for some information on Diana Krall, who was due to have twins in December. I’d like to know their genders.

Regarding your two questions on the books, Sun Spots checked with Ignatius Press and, I guess, located the right person to ask the questions and receive an answer. Marketing assistant Alison Faulkner kindly wrote, noting that the first book is actually titled “Jesus of Nazareth,” and it will be released on May 15, not in March, through Doubleday.

Faulkner checked with Ignatius Press’ marketing director and learned a book titled “Life with Karol” will also be published by Doubleday, but he doesn’t say anything about a release date. You might consider checking out to see if you can find an answer to that one.

Additionally, Sun Spots is very grateful to the blast from the past with Elvis Costello. One of her favorite songs was Costello’s “Watching the Detectives.”

According to, musician Elvis Costello and his jazz singer wife, Diana Krall, became the parents of twins, Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James, on Dec. 6, the couple’s third wedding anniversary.

Sun Spots has not located any more updated information on the family from this year. The boys are Krall’s first children. Costello already has a child. Costello and Krall married in December 2003 in a ceremony at Elton John’s British mansion. Costello had been married twice before.

Dear Sun Spots: I like your column very much. I think you help a lot of people.

I would like to know what happened to Doug Cook on WMTW Channel 8? He was on there for many years. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots corresponded with Doug, who was delighted to share an update with column readers.

Doug is now director of News and Media Relations at Bowdoin College in Brunswick. It sounds like the move was just the right thing for Doug’s family, wife, Elisa, and son, Evan.

He says he left the station at the end of November. After 15 years in the TV news business, seven of which he spent anchoring various newscasts at Channel 8, he says he needed a change.

He’s excited about his new role and says the position was newly created. His job is to take the stories that come out of Bowdoin and pitch them to the press, with a focus on the national media. He gets to write, which he said he’s always loved. Additionally, he gets to keep his fingers in the media, which he really enjoys.

” I feel like I’ve found the golden ticket,” he writes. “I have normal hours now, which is great …. Now, I’m home in the morning. We get to wake up as a family, and at night – when I used to be a zombie from burning the candles at both ends – I am alert and fully present and rediscovering a kind of quality time I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

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