One talent that I would like to excel in is photography. The ability to take a perfect picture is something I’ve always wanted to do.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but if the picture is taken well, it can be worth a million. A picture captures a moment in time that you can’t go back to. Looking back at pictures can trigger memories that you have. that have been long forgotten. When a photographer takes a picture it is almost the same as an artist painting a scene. They both can tell a story and represent a moment.

If a picture is taken blurry and badly, it can tell many things about the person taking the picture. It might say that the person is messy and sloppy, or it might just represent that the person is simply bad at taking pictures. However, if the picture taken is flawless with no imperfections, it can say that the photographer is precise and at ease.

One person I admire who has this talent is David Bailey. He is an English photographer who can take marvelous, beautiful pictures. David started out as a fashion photographer and has been great at taking pictures ever since. These are some of the reasons that I would like to excel in photography.

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