The wars in the Middle East serve as an opportunity for individuals to question the authority of government. Another aspect to question is the prohibition of marijuana. The fascist-like laws making criminals out of those who cultivate, sell and consume this herb is nothing short of oppression.

The Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative is peacefully trying to make marijuana the lowest law enforcement priority in certain municipalities. If they fail, then there may be an increase in passive resistance against our whole society as a whole. Any nonviolent acts of protest against those who restrain marijuana supporters could be a form of justice.

If anyone thinks that is a joke, look at how much of an impact music has had on society.

I ask the question: Is it worth it to continue having marijuana as a high priority for law enforcement?

It is not like the past, when America wasn’t at war and the government could continue to use fear and intimidation against those who want to legalize marijuana. Now, the government has its resources strained fighting terrorists. The illusion of the government being an entity to bow down to is now shattered. There is no more voice of authority to follow like mindless zombies.

The fact is, some municipalities will pass the low law enforcement measure and some won’t. If none does, then the battle will reach another level, but it will never end.

People need to ask themselves what their priorities are.

Douglas Papa, Lewiston

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