On March 31, I bought the Sun Journal and was disgusted with the front-page picture of the crime scene of the shooting of Margaret Peters. I felt sorry for the lady.

I can’t believe editors would put such a picture on the front page. I have a niece who loves to read the newspaper, and I would not approve for her to see that. I understand that editors wanted to show the crime scene and where it happened, but.it could have been done more respectfully to the deceased. I know that if she had been someone I knew, I would not want to see it in the newspaper. The photo was very graphic and very disturbing.

I saw the same picture on the news, which I feel shouldn’t have shown it either, but on the front page of the newspaper it was clearly blown up so readers could see the deceased. I can’t believe a local newspaper would put something like that in it. I’m sure there were other photos of the crime scene.

What are mothers/fathers supposed to say to their children who see that and ask questions? Would editors be willing to explain that, and why things like that happen to people right down the street? I wouldn’t want to.

I feel editors should rethink some of the articles and pictures printed in the newspaper.

I wouldn’t want my dead body on the front page.

Rebecca Libby, South Paris

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