Finally, our elected congressional representatives have heard the voices of the majority of peace-loving Americans.

I wonder if there is enough money left in the Iraq war coffers (before the funds run out) to buy “King George” some hearing aids. Apparently the king has not heard the voices of 60 percent of his subjects.

We all love and respect the incredible dedication to duty and sacrifices our troops have made, and to them I say, “The mission has been accomplished.” They have proven that weapons of mass destruction are not there; they have taken down Saddam Hussein and he is no longer the tyrant in power; and the country has an elected governing body.

That was the mission.

Our troops have done all that was asked of them and more, but no matter how much more the king wants to surge our troops and increase our involvement in a civil war, he’ll never undo the fighting that has been going on in Iraq for centuries.

He must get fitted for hearing aids and listen to common sense and the will of the American people.

American troops are now “collateral casualties” in a civil war. Sure Iraqis shoot at our troops and try to end their presence on Iraq’s soil. Wouldn’t we be shooting at Russian troops if they were patrolling our streets with an ominous presence?

Al Pelletier, Norway

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