I agree with Chris Davis’ comment (Sun Journal April 5) that the media is insensitive to the plight of young victims of abuse. But he doesn’t go far enough.

It seems to me that the Sun Journal and local television news stations are forgoing sensitivity for the sensational. On March 30, I turned on the television for the weather, but got instead a report of “breaking news” revealing that a woman had been decapitated by gunfire. Although the woman’s name was not known at the time, anyone who knew this woman would have known who it was, because the address was broadcast.

I can just imagine being a member of her family, and finding out dreadful news in such a manner. The Sun Journal’s report of the incident the next morning featured a picture of the deceased woman lying in her driveway.

What were editors thinking to publicize such a heart-wenching image?

More and more, good sense is ignored in lieu of the sensational – media interview victims of burning houses as they watch everything they own go up in flames; interview grieving families of soldiers immediately after they have received the most dreaded news; even barge into lawyers’ offices to demand information protected as confidential by law. Please stop it.

Where is the integrity that used to be the policy of these news organizations? I realize news organizations are struggling to survive, but sensationalism isn’t the way to do it.

Jeanette Baldridge, West Paris

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