3 p.m., Channel 13

Next week, the PGA presents the Oslo Cup of Birmingham from Tuscaloosa.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs: Flames at Red Wings, Game 5

3 p.m., Channel 6

Too late, NHL. You lost me. You had your chance to get me hooked while the weather was still crummy, but you stuck your games on some local cable access station.

NBA Playoffs: Heat at Bulls, Game 1

3 p.m., Channel 8

Antoine Walker begins his quest for a second championship ring. It just boggles the mind.

MLB: Yankees at Red Sox

4 p.m., Channel 23 (FOX)

Tim McCarver left a note in Derek Jeter’s locker last night – “Dear Derek, I’ll be in the booth tomorrow. Please waive. Love, TM.”

Horse Racing: Federico Tesio Stakes

6 p.m., ESPN2


NASCAR: Nextel Cup Subway Fresh Fit 500

8 p.m., Channel 23 (FOX)

On my honor, if someone runs over Jared tonight, I will write fawning columns about auto racing for as long as I live.

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