Cell phone records show that Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt exchanged more than 1,000 text messages with a female news anchor over a six-week period. That averages out to roughly one per hour, around the clock. But nah, I don’t think the missus should be worried.


The ubiquitous “family friend” confirmed again Thursday night that Greg Oden will leave Ohio State and enter the NBA draft. You know, if I were jockeying for position to be Oden’s “friend” in about nine weeks when he becomes a jillionaire, I might keep my mouth shut.

Shhh, be very quiet

Former University of Maine coach Joanne P. McCallie is taking over the Duke women’s basketball program. With the rugby, sailing and debate teams still available to the district attorney, McCallie knows her Blue Devils could choke in at least three more NCAA tourneys before anybody notices.

Fake it ’til you make it

Horse racing will hold its Breeders Cup on a synthetic track in 2008. They were inspired by the knowledge that Major League Baseball staged an entire decade’s worth of World Series with synthetic players.

Making a racket

DirecTV has signed a long-term agreement to distribute The Tennis Channel. Official promotional campaign: “What the hell? We were carrying ESPNU.”

Equal access

The University of Maine at Farmington has added women’s lacrosse, women’s golf and men’s volleyball to its curriculum. Estimated future revenue from those endeavors: $6.92. Keeping the Title IX police off your case for the next 10 years: Priceless.

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