It was 80 degrees with brilliant sunshine Monday, but Lewiston and Edward Little postponed their first baseball game of the season due to wet grounds. Ah, Maine, the way weather should be.

The new 30

Giants shortstop Omar Vizquel turned 40 Tuesday. Quick, give me one good reason why he shouldn’t be in the same Hall of Fame as the overrated Ozzie Smith.

Have you been injured?

A 4-year-old boy received 30 stitches in his head after a Colorado State receiver collided with him during the team’s annual youth football festival. Nah, I don’t smell a lawsuit here at all.

It’s a start

Wimbledon officials have announced that their men’s and women’s champions will earn an equal $1.4 million this year. If you think the men’s championship will earn an equal TV audience to the women’s final, you’re on drugs.

Prez meets pitchman

“A lot of people on the White House staff were interested in Peyton Manning. They wanted to meet a guy who gets more air time than I do.” – President George W. Bush, on the Colts’ obligatory visit to D.C.

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