3 p.m., ESPN

Because we all need to know whether the punter from Slippery Rock will go in the sixth round or seventh. Have the draft, already.

Auto Racing: Hooters ProCup Series from South Boston, Va.

4 p.m., SPEED

If you’re a guy who doesn’t like cars going in circles, I highly recommend the sponsor’s commercials.

MLB: Red Sox at Orioles

7 p.m., NESN

Sox have dominated this series lately, so you just know the O’s will be in first place when it’s over.

NBA Playoffs: Nuggets at Spurs, Game 2

7 p.m., TNT

Tim Duncan wasn’t laughing after Game 1, was he?

MLB: Tigers at White Sox

ESPN, 8 p.m.

They’re going to be looking up at the Twins and Indians in the standings all season.

NBA Playoffs: Warriors at Mavericks, Game 2

9:30 p.m., TNT

Worth staying up. There’s an off chance that Warriors go up 2-0 and Mark Cuban goes legally insane.

Soccer: CONCACAF Champions Cup, Chivas at Pachuca

9:30 p.m., Fox Sports Channel

Acronyms I can’t stand: KKK; IRS; LOL; this one. You’re allowed four letters or two syllables. No exceptions.

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