Thursday’s Starters, 7:30 p.m.

FIRST, Pace, 1,800

1. Minor Miracle, C. MacKenzie

2. Quality of Money, H. Campbell

3. Tricky Wind, S. Mahar

4. Keystone Magnus, S. Gray

5. Woodmere Quikroute, W. Brown

6. Woodmere Flyn Ryan, M. Downey 7. Passion Hurricane, R. Lanpher III

SECOND, Pace, 1,800

1. Golden Virtue, S. Mahar

2. Magic Boy, H. Campbell

3. Ada Marjorie, R. Lanpher III

4. Hana Blue Chip, M. Downey

5. Attacking, S. MacKenzie

THIRD, Pace, 1,800

1. Select Artiste, S. MacKenzie

2. Kandy Corners, M. Cushing

3. Sunrise J D, G. Barrieau

4. Parallax, C. MacKenzie

5. Island Xceptional, H. Campbell

6. Gift of Gab, S. Gray

7. Yesyouwill, G. Bowden

8. Lovely Lil, B. Thayer

FOURTH, Pace, 2,400

1. T J Force, S. Gray

2. Birdton Ernie, G. Barrieau

3. No Apology, M. Downey

4. Sammy’s Big Guy, B. Thayer

5. Escape the Night, S. Mahar

6. Jate’s Skyhawk, G. Bowden

FIFTH, Pace, 2,400

1. Miko Hanover, S. MacKenzie

2. Logan’s Lightning, H. Campbell

3. Jeremiah Jones, W. Brown

4. Spiz R Rinkum, G. Bowden

5. Action Raider, C. MacKenzie

SIXTH, Pace, 2,400

1. Glory Days, G. Bowden

2. Comical Brilla, G. Barrieau

3. Lady of the Dragon, B. Thayer

4. K Bec Pride, H. Campbell

5. Miss Maya, S. Maher

6. E Dee’s Diamond J, M. Cushing

SEVENTH, Pace, 3,400

1. Just Plain Henry, S. Gray

2. Cody Little Gal, G. Bowden

3. Kyro Down, J. Mosher

4. Delightful Devil, B. Thayer

5. Gordies Last Call, G. Barrieau

6. Hickory Hercules, S. Mahar

7. Work Out, H. Campbell

EIGHTH, Pace, 1,800

1. Saulsbrook Dandy, G. Barrieau

2. Mr Punch, J. Mosher

3. Lotta Speed, S. Mahar

4. Bruizers Lil Star, D. Dickison

5. Twilight Charm, S. Gray

6. Bando Maurice, H. Campbell

7. Johnny J, B. Thayer

8. Knight Stalker N, M. Downey

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