Years ago I remember how many youngsters attending a baseball game would welcome the umpires with a chant of “Three Blind Mice.” It’s funny, but that chant came to mind as I read the front-page story (April 19) about the three Androscoggin County Commissioners and their blind reaction to Sheriff Guy Desjardins’ plea for an additional patrol officer.

What’s happened to “safety first” or an “ounce of prevention?” For the safety and protection of the folks living in the sheriff’s jurisdiction this deputy is very much needed.

Those of us living in Lewiston and Auburn are blessed with the 24-hour patrols of our local police officers. They both have large areas to cover, but nowhere near that of the sheriff.

The new sheriff is trying to remedy much of the deficiencies that had been in place for years. It is time to put the well-being of county residents on the top burner.

The three commissioners should take their responsibilities seriously in responding to this dire situation.

Arnold L. Woolf, Lewiston

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