As a longtime resident of Androscoggin County, and a retired law enforcement officer, I am disgusted with the attitude of the county commission in its unwillingness to work out a solution to the important issue of adding a deputy.

When Ron Gagnon was sheriff, he had my support. When Guy Desjardins was elected, he gained my support. Both are well qualified, and care about the people.

Desjardins is trying to protect his men, but more important, he is trying to protect the citizens of this county. He is providing law enforcement to the towns paying taxes for this service.

The commission is failing each and every taxpayer. Their dispute with the sheriff borders on childish, something I do not expect from my representatives. I also feel there is a strong conflict of interest involved, because the county treasurer, who was the campaign manager for Ron Gagnon, is married to a member of the county commissioner board. If this is not a direct conflict of interest, it certainly appears that it is.

It seems Desjardins is receiving a payback for the voters electing him sheriff.

If the commissioners don’t start thinking about the welfare of the citizens that elected them into office, perhaps those same citizens, should remove them from office at the next election. I support what the sheriff is trying to do, and I hope others will tell commissioners the citizens of Androscoggin County are the losers in this battle, and only the sheriff seems to care.

James E. Brown, Poland Spring

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