U.S. Open Highlights:

Jim Furyk, 2003

11 a.m., GOLF

Hey, if you like watching Sesame Street for hours on end, taking in a round by Furyk is like watching Big Bird swing a golf club.

Classic baseball:

Orioles at Red Sox, 2005

1 p.m., NESN

David Ortiz. Orioles bullpen. Two outs in the bottom of the ninth. You guess what happens.

Bull Riding:

PBR in Nampa, Idaho

3 p.m., Versus

Too bad no one had a video camera when the bull went wild in downtown Lewiston late last year. I bet it would have been more fun that watching this.

Women’s lacrosse:

ACC Tournament

6 p.m., NESN

Boy, when they don’t have the Red Sox, programming can get, um, not-so-interesting.


Cardinals at Brewers

7 p.m., ESPN

Hey, get a glimpse at the team that will be representing the NL Central in the playoffs. Hint: They don’t wear red and white.


Stanley Cup Playoffs, Devils at Senators, Game 3

7 p.m., Versus

Wish I could watch this one, but, alas, I can’t.

Arena Football:

Philadelphia at Chicago

8 p.m., ESPN2

OK, this is getting to be a bit ridiculous. Philly is on the tube almost every Monday. Instead of classifying it as football, why not just call it “Bon Jovi sits in a suite, and we pan to him every five minutes.”

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