Dear Sun Spots: Lutheran Social Services is searching for an adult sized, three-wheeled bicycle for one of our clients so she may learn how to ride a bike.

Many of the clients we serve live on limited incomes, and the value of a dollar is often stretched.

We’re asking for help from Sun Spots readers if anyone has or knows of such a bike to donate. If can assist, please phone our main office at 783-3446.

Lutheran Social Services is a local nonprofit human services agency, providing support to adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness in the Twin Cities. Thanks for any help. – Lorraine in Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: I am hoping that your readers can please help me.

I am looking for a book from the Little Golden Book series, 1969-1972. The book is called “Little Mommy.” The cover has a little girl holding three dollies in an oversized rocking chair. Now for the reason. My friend, who runs a nonprofit children’s ministry, had a house fire when she was a little girl and the family lost everything. She remembers reading this book when she was little and would love to read it to her children. She can find it online but it can be quite pricey. What I am hoping is that someone has a copy just hanging out on their bookshelf that they would be willing to donate. Please contact me at 784-7521. Thank you for your help. – Katie in Lewiston.

In addition to responses from readers, you might consider contacting Artios Books in Auburn. The store had been closed for a while due to some serious flood damage and held a grand reopening April 17. They are located at 180 Turner St. in Auburn. Another is The Page Turner and Pages Already Turned, 247 Lisbon St., Lewiston, 753-1112. Both of these stores have been able to special order books for other readers and should be happy to assist you in your search.

Dear Sun Spots: Thank you for your page that I read every day. I meant to write for a long time but kept postponing it. Here I am with a few questions that I would love an answer to.

First I would say that I regret that the Sun Journal stopped carrying the comic strips of Mark Trail and Spiderman. Can you tell me why? Is there a possibility of getting those back, especially Mark Trail that I found educational? Why is the Sun not publishing this anymore? – No Name, No Town.

After a lot of discussion, the Sun Journal expects to resume publication of the Mark Trail column beginning May 13.

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