POLAND – Fairlawn Golf Club will be hosting the Poland Regional High School Knights Baseball Golf Tournament on Saturday, May 19. It’ll be a shotgun start at 8 a.m. Cost per player is $50, including lunch. All proceeds will benefit the PRHS baseball team.

To register as a single player or a team, send name(s), address, phone and e-mail, along with check made payable to PRHS Baseball, to William Griffiths, 28 Pine St., Mechanic Falls, Me. 04256. More information can be obtained by calling 345-9835, or e-mail [email protected]

Wilson Lake

WILTON – Wilson Lake Country Club will open for the season on Thursday, May 3. Clubhouse hours will be weekdays opening at 7 a.m., and 6:30 a.m. on weekends.

Information on the Monday Night Women’s League can be obtained by contacting Ann Nemi at 897-3837, or Nancy Pratt at 778-3613. The 8-week league will start on June 25.

Men’s League registration can be made through the Pro Shop. This league will begin the last Wednesday of May. Players are encouraged to register as soon as possible so that teams can be drawn in advance.

The annual “Kick-Off Scramble” is scheduled for Sunday, May, 13 with a shotgun start at 8:30 a.m.


AUBURN – Saturday’s results: Individual, Class A, gross, Andy Stonehouse, 76; Paul Pelletier, 78; Bill Welch, 79; net, 1. Marc Kannegeiser, 77-71; 2. Dale Brown, 79-73; Jim Thornton, 80-73. Class B: gross, Jim Hood, 83; net, Cliff Greim, 83-70. Class C: Deb Leighton, 93-74. 4-Ball: gross, 1. Jim Hood, Jim Thornton, Mark Rock, Dan Cailler, 67; net, 1. Bob Blanchette, Ron Blanchette, Mike Tiner, Dave Kordalski, 71-65 (by match of cards #18 back). Skins: gross, Mike Tiner #1; Tim Jordan #4; Cliff Greim #6; Deb Leighton #7; Bob Dion #9; net, Mark Rock #5; Charlie Dion #8, #16; Deb Leighton #17.

MSGA tourney

AUBURN – Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association tourney held April 27-28 at Fox Ridge:

CLASS A: Gross: Ricky Jones, 69; Matt Greenleaf, 70; Joe Alvarez, Tom Bean, 72; Nick Conner, Dustin Freeman, 73; Marc Siewertsen, 74. Net: Chad Allen, 74-66; Rocky Copp, 73-66; Jace Pearson, 72-68; Dan Atkinson, 78-70; Terry Smith, 76-71; Denny Siewertsen, 79-71.

CLASS B: Gross: Kevin Lee, 79; Jeff Chapman, Troy Plummer, 80; Bob Tweedie, Bob Driscoll, 81; Jason Harris, 82; Bob Libby, 82 (MC). Net: Tom Thompson, 82-69; Arnie Benner, 80-70; Dave Chipman, 82-71; Mike Ryan, 83-71; Rudy Plummer, 85-71; Dave Rocheleau, 86-72; Jim Semple, 82-72 (MC).

CLASS C: Gross: Jim Fillmore, 82; Vic Gaudreau, Wayne Newbegin, 84; Gren Hudson, 85; Jerry Mansfield, Mike MacKinnon, Shawn Casey, 87. Net: Greg Waite, 91-66; Mike Hall, 90-68; Mike Crosskill, 86-69; Tim Dow, 87-70; Doug Prevost, 87-71; Mike Lally, 90-71; Steve Bentley, 92-71.

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Eric Hayward, 75; Al Bouchard, 76; Ralph Noel, 78. Net: Jack Milo, 84-72; Dick Hall, 95-72; Walter Burnell, 91-73 (MC).

4-BALL: Gross: Joe Hamilton, Dustin Freeman, Jon Cheverie, George Shabo, 64; Shawn McKague, Tim Mariano, Gary Manoogian, Matt Greenleaf, 64; Al Zimmerman, Kip Skibiski, Chris Hayward, Tony Donovan, 65; Ron Brown, Jr., Eric Hayward, Marc Siewertsen, Denny Siewertsen, 66; Joe Alvarez, Ricky Jones, Jeff Wass, Vance Gray, 66. Net: Tom Blake, Arnie Benner, Stu Gerow, Mike Mogan, 56; Ricky Plummer, Rudy Plummer Troy Plummer, Wayne Lauzier, 57; Jim Ross, Nick Conner, Will Verrill, Chris Hill, 58; Jim Dorrington, Dave Littlefield, Darren Jensen, Jon Fillmore, 58; Wayne Newbegin, Jace Pearson, Steve Fleck, Allen Patterson, 58; Tom Grace, Bud Solari, Dennis Verrill, Tom Thompson, 59.

SKINS: Friday: gross, Jim Caron #6; Jeff Chapman #16; Jim Hadlock #17; net, Glenn Lebrecque #1; Terry McCullough #3; Ray Emery #11; Dick McCann #12; Mickey Philbrook #18. Saturday: net, Dave Soule #1; Dave Littlefield #2; Tom Blake #3; Bruce Cox #6; Frank Reynolds #7; Steve Sirois #11; Mike Dumais #13; John Johnson #15; Darren Jensen #18.

PINS: Friday: Greg Page, #3, 7’5″; Bert Dube, #5, 6’1″; Jace Pearson, #13, 6’6″; Dave Chipman #16, 9’2″. Saturday: Rocky Copp, #3, 8″; Chris King, #5, 4’6″; Joe Alvarez, #13, 1’10”; Ricky Plummer, #16, 5’8″.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN – The Men’s Senior League will start at 9 a.m., Thursday, May 3. All Seniors are welcome.

Ladies Monday Night Twilight League will conduct a meeting on Monday, May 7 at 5 p.m. at the snack bar. New players are welcome.

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