Paul Wolfowitz, president of the World Bank, the former No. 2 man at the Defense Department and author of the failed Iraq war policy, recently made headlines when it was revealed that he had promoted his girlfriend, through the World Bank, to a plum job in the U.S. State Department at a salary greater than that of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. It is further insulting to learn that this person pays no federal income tax on an income of $193,000. We now learn that Wolfowitz pays no income tax on his salary of $400,000 per year.

Is it fair to those of us who pay our taxes that these privileged people avoid paying taxes, while enjoying all the basic rights and privileges afforded to us all? It should be noted that our elected leaders in Washington have not issued any statement to advise us on their feelings in this disgraceful matter.

Let’s hope we hear from them shortly.

Thomas Case, Lewiston

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