People will go to unbelievable boundaries to get some quick cash. These boundaries can sometimes be pushing the limits of insanity, as in this one case in Jerusalem. A “strangely fat” woman was trying to cross the Gaza strip-Egypt border. She was instantly seen as suspicious as her oddly obese figure caught the attention of security. They immediately searched the woman only to find three crocodiles each measuring about two feet in length.

Police were stunned with what they had found, and one officer actually screamed and ran out of the room. The woman claimed that she wanted to sell the crocodiles to the local Gaza Zoo, as she was told that the animals could be sold for around $500, which in Jerusalem is roughly two months salary for a policemen according to The fact that this lady was smuggling crocodiles makes us wonder what else people are trying to smuggle all across the world. Lions, tigers, and bears? Oh My…

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