LEWISTON – It’s a good thing Greg and Debbie Bourgoin have three computers in their home.

Otherwise, their son, Jared, might be left wondering what hit him after Pierre-Luc Faubert tossed him aside to get to the video games.

“They have a lot in common with their video games,” Debbie said.

“If there’s one thing he hates about me being here is that I steal the computer,” Faubert said.

Faubert is actually one of two Maineiacs living with the Bourgoins. Team captain Marc-Andre Cliche has lived with them for four years.

But Faubert has one thing immediately over his buddy

“He does his own laundry here and everything,” Greg said. “It’s been three years and we haven’t taught Marc how to do that yet.”

That drew a laugh, especially since Cliche had disappeared from view.

Faubert has also helped out another young hockey player, in the couple’s oldest son, Jordan, a junior at Lewiston High School.

“It’s easy to talk to him, to have someone to talk to about hockey,” Jordan said.

But with all of the accolades, some dirt finally surfaced. Like most teenagers and young adults, Faubert has a hard time turning the lights off all the time.

“And he leaves his clothes in the dryer for two days,” Debbie said.

“I get into my computer games for 12 hours, and I forget about it sometimes,” Faubert said.

Still, the Bourgoins have no regrets about the entire process.

“It was never, ‘I wish we wouldn’t have done that,'” Greg said. “Yeah, things get crazier or a little bit busier, but it was never like that with these guys.”

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