LEWISTON – Two hockey players spending some quality time in a hot tub together doesn’t sound all that intriguing.

Until you hear the Moores describe it.

The Moores – Brian, Dawn and their daughter, Krissy – have hosted Maineiacs’ forward Triston Manson this season. Manson is best buddies with teammate Chris Tutalo. The two of them have apparently taken a liking to the Moore’s hot tub.

“A few times, I’ve had to come down and say, ‘Uh guys, go to bed or shut up, please,'” Brian said.

“The girls are there, too,” Dawn said, interjecting some laughter into an awkward moment of silence.

“Half the time, we’re not, though,” Krissy said. “That’s the sad part.”

Despite some occasional run-ins with the noise patrol and a few “unmentionable” moments, Manson, the Moore’s say, was never one to miss curfew.

“His curfew is his curfew and he’s never missed that,” Dawn said.

On the other hand, talk of food budgets stirred the pot pretty well, even getting Manson to laugh a bit.

“We don’t even want to talk about that,” Brian said. “Not at all.”

Manson, who came to Lewiston from Halifax by way of Shawinigan, has had a blast with his new family, too.

“It’s awesome, like another family for me,” Manson said. “My billets last year, it was like, I lived there, but it wasn’t like we were a family. Here, I know in 10 years I can come back and everything will be the same.”

For Krissy, it was a chance to have an older sibling.

“Having a big brother,” Krissy said. “I’ve always wanted someone older to talk to, and now I can. I look up to him and I tell him everything. He’s my big brother.”

For her parents, it was a chance to bond with a new friend.

“I’m sad the season’s ending, but we’re going to be in contact, so it isn’t ‘the end’ or anything,” Brian said. “I think he’s going to be a friend for life.”

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