Has the time come to bring back the Victory Garden?

First, contamination was found in some dog and cat food, making our beloved animals sick and even causing death. Now, that same contamination has gotten into the human food chain. From China no less. I’m not surprised.

Has this country become as dependent on a foreign food supply as it has on oil?

What happened to farm products from farmers we can trust? Has the almighty dollar again been put above human live?

Of course, the answer is yes. Our own government has put us at risk by not supplying enough inspectors to prevent such incidents from happening.

This country has billions of dollars for a war that kills people but not enough money to protect a human life. Ironic isn’t it?

If American companies want to buy cheap, contaminated food from other countries they should foot the bill for providing the extra inspectors it takes to inspect the food cargo.

In the meantime, I say bring back the Victory Gardens this country had during World War II. Turn lawns into vegetable gardens. See what it is to taste good food again – not processed food.

People should support local farmers, not foreign farmers, and send a message to the companies that buy cheap products overseas that we love our families and we are not going to buy contaminated products, now or ever

Phillip Webber Sr., Sabattus

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