CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – The state is giving 23,500 E-ZPass scofflaws one last chance to pay their overdue bills or risk losing their drivers licenses and vehicle registrations.

State Department of Transportation spokesman Bill Boynton says as much as $2.5 million in outstanding tolls and fees are due from E-ZPass holders.

The state is trying to get that money by sending “last chance” letters to debtors. Those who receive letters have 30 days to pay up or 15 days to dispute the charges. If they ignore the letters, they risk the other penalties.

Boynton said the state has already bills to most of the alleged violators. He said the violations date back to May, 1, 2006 and most – 58 percent – are by New Hampshire drivers.

The state is seeking $58,000 in unpaid tolls. The total reaches nearly $2.5 million when fees for violations are added. Boynton said that figure rises continually since about 700 of 150,000 users who cross the tolls everyday cause violations.

The E-ZPass system is also used on the Maine Turnpike and in other states in the Northeast.

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