“Can we get our money back?”

Yes, Red Sox fans, one of your fellow bretheren uttered those six thoughtless words late last week here at the Sun Journal office.

Reacting to a five-run, first inning by the Mariners against Daisuke Matsuzaka, this fan was willing to give up on a man that would look pretty good in pinstripes, if you know what I mean.

And, then I did some research. I talked to some people around town and asked them, “How would you describe Red Sox fans?”

I kept hearing one word in return, “fairweather.”

Red Sox “fans” admitted this themselves!

Is it a by-product of nearly 120 years of being the wicked step-child? Sure.

Is there an excuse? Absolutely not.

Matsuzaka may not be Roger Clemens or the beloved Curt Schilling, but the man comes to work every day and deals with you jerks that are willing to throw him under the bus after a bad inning.

So much for “Dice-K mania,” it’s nothing but a sham. If he wins, you love him. If he struggles, you hate him.

Red Sox fans have hit a new low in my book.

Shame on you. You should be used to mediocrity by now, shouldn’t you?

Cuban gets smoked

I swear that Mark Cuban didn’t have grey hair in his beard at the beginning of his Mavericks first-round series with the Golden State Warriors.

Maybe he forgot to use his box of Just For Men.

But, again, the Mavericks’ historical collapse is a sign that you can’t buy championships. Heart is worth so much more, and the Warriors have plenty of that.

In fact, I think Cuban was the most emotional person on the court for the Mavericks. If his players played with half the heart that Cuban has, they would have never been knocked off.

The Mavericks can be added to a growing list of teams with overpaid, underachieving players: the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Mavericks and the Heat.

Men watching things go in circles

What is it with people’s fascination in watching athletes, or thoroughbreds, race around in oblong circles?

I’d rather watch re-runs of MTV’s “Menudo” than the Kentucky Derby or Daytona 500.

Wow, you can whip a horse and get it to run faster. Whoopee! Or, you can punch the gas and put your life at risk. Sign me up!

Yes, there is strategy involved in each.

But, neither take an ounce of physical ability. The driving style of Mainers on the Turnpike can be much more interesting than that of Jeff Gordon. But we don’t get to pelt Mainers with beer cans.

What a waste of network television time.

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