Dear Sun Spots: I would like to know the Sun Journal’s source for finding information from 100, 50, and 25 years ago used in the “Looking Back” section. Thank you. – J.S., South Paris.

Information for The Sun Journal’s Looking Back column is published daily, Monday through Saturday. Each Looking Back item is an actual news article from the same day’s newspaper from 100, 50, or 25 years ago, with the exception Sundays or holidays, where the corresponding day resulted in no publication. In that case, the day before or after is placed in our column.

News Assistant Anna Rodrigue is the lucky person who gets to check the microfilm and read those fascinating tidbits from years past. The newspapers are archived to microfilm and viewed from a Microfiche viewer. When researching past articles, each day is read through with the intention of finding something interesting, newsworthy, historical, shocking or just dang quirky, Rodrigue says.

The goal is to give our readers a snapshot of what was going on or a taste of how life was lived 100, 50 and 25 years ago. We hope you enjoy the column and find the stories as intriguing as Sun Spots and other readers have.

Dear Sun Spots: Do any column readers have an original copy of the Oct. 2, 1920, Lewiston Journal Magazine?

Curator David Little is putting together an exhibit on Mount Katahdin and the art it has inspired over the years. He’d like to include the Lewiston Journal Magazine section, which featured a 10-page feature story on Percival Baxter’s inaugural hike to Katahdin’s summit, including photos of the journey along the way. Baxter made the trip with politicians, journalists and commissioners of Maine’s fire, game and warden services, among others.

The purpose of the article, was “to call attention to the citizens of Maine to the present primeval condition of this territory; to the swift passing haunts of fish and game in Maine; to the glory of this country in scenic beauty; to its fitness above all other as a sanctuary for wildlife; to the appropriateness of its purchase by Maine as a memorial to the centennial year of Maine’s Constitution as a state!”

If you have a copy of this magazine article and would be willing to share it for display during the 2008 show at Bates College, please contact Little at [email protected], or call him at 772-6418. Many thanks to any readers who can assist us with this inquiry. – David Little, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: I was wondering how I could donate to Safe Passages or become a sponsor? – No Name, Auburn.

In addition to responses from readers, check out For donations and other information, contact 846-1188, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week. Or write to them at: Safe Passage, P.O. Box 663, Yarmouth, ME 04096. The mailing address for donations and pledge payments is Safe Passage, P.O. Box 712849, Cincinnati, OH 45271-2849. The organization’s physical address is 374 US Route 1, Yarmouth, ME 04096.

You will note a variety of ways to help on the Web site, and Sun Spots encourages you to check out the list of assistance the group needs.

This column is for you, our readers. It is for your questions and comments. There are only two rules: You must write to the column and sign your name (we won’t use it if you ask us not to). Letters will not be returned or answered by mail, and telephone calls will not be accepted. Your letters will appear as quickly as space allows. Address them to Sun Spots, P.O. Box 4400, Lewiston, ME 04243-4400. Inquiries can also be posted at in the Advice section under Opinion on the left-hand corner of your computer screen. In addition, you can e-mail your inquiries to [email protected]

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