In my opinion, Sen. Susan Collins’s record proves she is pro-surge, and nothing her spokesperson said (May 7) refutes that fact. The bipartisan Senate resolution opposing the surge was non-binding, and Collins voted for that, but when it came time to vote on legislation that would be binding and force accountability on this president and the Iraqi government, she deferred to the will of the Republican Party and abandoned her previous stance.

So much for the perceived notion that she is a moderate. Everything this administration has done in Iraq has been absolutely wrong, from saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, to saying we would be greeted as liberators, to the surge bringing peace to Baghdad.

When Collins had the opportunity to join the majority in the Senate, and indeed the vast majority of Mainers who want out of Iraq, she did not. Collins should be held accountable for this complete lack of judgment and political backbone and be removed from office next year.

Dave Chirayath, Auburn

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