My husband and I are appalled at the Androscoggin County commissioners’ complete disregard for the safety of the people who put them in office.

At least one citizen took the day off to attend the meeting May 2, just to be told that he would not be heard.

The last time I checked, we live in the United States, a country based on freedom and the will of the people. The commissioners’ dictatorial philosophies need to stop.

Sheriff Guy Desjardins is right in his quest for a new officer, and he has the authority, support and finances to fund the position. He has done what he needs to do; why can’t the commissioners?

We could not believe the audacity of the commissioners to not hear the public or the media’s questions. What are the commissioners afraid of? Why did they hide behind locked doors after a meeting? Why don’t they want to answer the questions from those who foolishly put them in those power positions?

My husband and I completely agree that changes need to be made. Statutes for removing people from positions of power need to be added, and quickly. We could start with those three.

The only thing they can agree on is preventing Androscoggin County from moving forward.

The playground antics of “I’m going to take my toys and go home” should have ended years ago, but we see that it is alive and well.

The commissioners should be ashamed of themselves.

Tammie and Gaetan Breton Jr., Lewiston

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