I am writing to express my disappointment in state Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello.

In a meeting on March 21, I felt Snowe-Mello had assured me she would support the ban on DECA – a brominated flame retardant used in furniture, mattresses and other products that has been shown to be harmful to children. The ban is being proposed because other, safer alternatives that meet the highest safety standards are now available.

I later sent a letter to confirm and thank her for her support.

I was surprised to learn that she later announced that she would oppose the ban, simply to side with Republican leadership. The Maine House of Representatives approved the ban May 16; a Senate vote is upcoming.

I suppose it is no surprise that the Republican leadership supports the profits of out-of-state corporations over the long-term health of Maine’s children, even though Republican Reps. James Annis and John McDonough supported the ban in committee.

What is also troubling is that it appears party politics is taking precedence over agreements with, and the interests of, constituents. I disagree with Snowe-Mello on various issues, but thought now might be a time to look for common ground on an issue in which we both see value.

After losing control of the U.S Congress in the last election, the Republican Party adopted a new word: bipartisanship. Apparently bipartisanship, for Republicans like Snowe-Mello, means doing things their way.

Rick Ness, Auburn

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