15:41 to play in overtime: The Plymouth Whalers have defeated the Lewiston Maineiacs with a goal on a goal from Andrew Fournier in front. An assist to Tom Sestito and to Ryan McGinnis.

15:47 to play in OT: Neither team can establish anything. Both teams have had a couple of chances. Bernier made the save on his end, Neuvirth thanks the post.

19:59 left in OT: The teams are under way in overtime.

End of the third period: Lewiston and Plymouth are headed to overtime. The Whalers are playing for their tournament lives. Lewiston is playing for a berth in the semifinal, and possibly in the final.

1:00 to play in the third: The Plymouth Whalers just didn’t back down, and now appear to have tied the game at one. The puck was at the side of Jonathen Bernier’s net, and with the Whalers on the PK, the net-crashing paid off. Evan Brophy with the credit on the goal.

4:31 to play in the third: The final media timeout of the game, and Lewiston continues to have some jump. At the other end, Bernier made two solid saves on one Plymouth rush.

5:53 to play in the third: No doubting this one. David Perron picked off a D-to-D pass, went in on a partial break, kept the puck as he was hauled down and managed a great shot on goal. Simon Courcelles followed up with his first of the tournament on the rebound.

7:47 to play in the third: Plenty of whistle-less hockey to go around now. Lewiston is starting to skate better, and is creating problems for Plymouth in the Whalers’ zone.

13:53 to play in the third: Lewiston’s bench was incensed with the call. A replay shown on the big screen of the scoreboard appeared to show a Plymouth defender knocking the puck into the air, and Chaput swinging at — but missing — the airborne puck.

14:53 to play in the third: Lewiston appeared to be on the board, as Stefan Chaput managed to tip in a feed from the left corner over a slouching Michal Neuvirth. As he went through the low slot, Chaput got clipped with a high stick. The play was under review, and deemed no goal.

16:09 to play in the third: James Neal called for interfrering with Pierre-Luc Faubert. Power play to the Maineiacs.

18:20 to play in the third: The teams haven’t shown much different this period yet. Both teams are back to full strength, ending the 4-on-4.

19:59 to play in the third: The final period is underway

End of the second period: Neither team appears able to produce anything. The Plymouth Whalers have had the better chances, but Jonathan Bernier has been equal to the task. Late in the second, Lewiston applied some pressure. Chad Denny and James Neal each got sent off for penalties, but neither team was able to put the puck in the back of the net.

1:26 to play in the second: Faceoff outside the Lewiston offensive zone after Pierre-Luc Faubert falls on the puck in the corner

3:38 to play in the second: David Perron just got his clock cleaned by an elbow to the face. Neither official saw it, so no call. Perron is up and moving, and back to the bench.

4:09 to play in the second: Another PP, and another 0-for by the Maineiacs. This time, though, the Maineiacs applied the pressure well, and had a couple of chances. Their shots still seemed a bit tight, though.

6:36 to play in the second: Lewiston will get yet another shot at a PP as Jared Boll roughs up Stefano Giliati and is called.

8:25 to play in the second: Jonathan Bernier the great diving save on an attempt from Daniel Ryder at the left post. Teams still 4-on-4.

9:25 to play in the second: Danick Paquette of Lewiston and Steve Whitely of Plymouth called for roughing minors. Play will be 4-on-4.

9:51 to play in the second: Maineiacs continue to struggle on the power play. Now 0-for-4 on the night as the penalty to Bellemore is over.

11:47 to play in the second: Eric Castonguay of Lewiston called for diving, and A.J. Jenks for Plymouth called for holding. till, 5-on-4 for Lewiston.

11:56 to play in the second: Brett Bellemore draws a holding call. Lewiston to the PP again.

12:30 to play in the second: Few whistles in the game. Lewiston squandered a PP opportunity, and the Whalers are now deep in the Lewiston zone. Lewiston looks, for lack of better words, scared.

15:30 to play in the second: Lewiston on its 3rd PP of the game after a tripping call to Daniel Ryder of Plymouth.

18:26 to play in the second: Maineiacs had a great chance stopped by Neuvirth early, Bernier responds at the other end.

End of the first period: Neither team managed a goal, and neither team managed any sort of momentum. Plymouth outshot the Maineiacs 12-7, largely because they were able to get some shots on the power play, something Lewiston was unable to do. The Maineiacs and Whalers are even, 0-0, through 20 minutes of play.

2:18 to play in the first: Marc-Andre Crete whistled for holding. 4-on-4 for 20 seconds, and then a Plymouth PP.

3:59 to play in the first: Lewiston will go on the PP again after Vern Cooper hauled David Perron down in the center zone.

5:38 to play in the first: Lewiston has killed off the Plymouth power play, but has iced the puck. The faceoff will come to the left of Jonathan Bernier.

6:13 to play in the first: 29 seconds remain on the Lewiston PK. bernier with his best save so far on a wrap-around from the right side of the net.

7:44 to play in the first: Stefan Chaput takes the Maineiacs’ first penalty of the game. Whalers to the PP.

9:29 to play in the first: Neither team seems able to establish any sort of rhythm. The Whalers seem content to try to match Lewiston’s passive style, hoping to catch Lewiston napping or at least minimize their own mistakes while conserving energy

12:04 to play in the first: Lewiston is skating better than Plymouth, but can’t seem to generate any cohesion inside the Whalers’ zone. On the flip side, Plymouth is making up for their slower skating by clogging up the center zone and not allowing Lewiston to work through the middle of the ice.

14:57 to play in the first: David Perron and Simon Courcelles each had a solid chance in tight stopped by Neuvirth on the PP. The PP is now over, the teams are back to full strength.

16:52 to play in the first: Chad Denny was hauled down behind Jonathan Bernier. Lewiston to the power play for the first time.

17:54 to play in the first: The teams appear to be feeling each other out. No gambles yet, from either team.

19:59 to play in the first: Play is under way. The Maineiacs are wearing their road darks for the first time in the tournament, with the Whalers in their home whites.

Time for faceoff: The Maineiacs’ starting lineup has the top line with Simon Courcelles at center, and Kevin Marshall and Chad Denny on the blue line.

10:00 before faceoff: There are a few lineup changes for the Maineiacs tonight. Into the lineup come Patrick Cusack — seeing his first action of the tournament — and Marc-Andre Crete, who replace Tom Michalik and Michael Ward on the blue line.

Marc-Andre Cliche remains out with a shoulder injury.

The Maineiacs will face the Plymouth Whalers tonight in each team’s third and final game of the Memorial Cup round robin. A win will put the Maineiacs into at least the semifinal game Friday, and could put them into the final with a medicine Hat win over Vancouver on Wednesday. A loss could relegate them to the play-in game on Thursday night.

Plymouth fell to Medicine Hat on Monday night, 4-1, in what turned into a very physical contest. Plymouth is 0-for-2 so far this tournament after an opening-night, 4-3 overtime loss to Vancouver.

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