One of the most admired characteristics for people in leadership roles is the difficult task of admitting their mistakes. I recently endured a betrayal of trust by a close associate after we worked for the past four months to create a lasting memorial for our Oxford County Vietnam veterans.

Although the knowledge of his misrepresentation of his military experiences was heartbreaking, I must give him considerable credit for the way that he has rallied his emotions and actions to correct the wrong. He has visited numerous associates and the families of the Vietnam War casualties with full remorse and a promise to move ahead with renewed integrity.

Scott May made a serious mistake and has admitted his indiscretion. Scott has done a great service to our community that should not be forgotten in the wake of his admission of wrongdoing. Scott should move on as a solid family man and could become a leader in another capacity with greater insight to the need to be open and honest.

When I reflected on his courage to face the music, I recalled the events over the past two years when Rumford experienced the pain brought about by ongoing controversy.

My opinion is only one of many, but I feel that the entire community would have embraced former town manager Steve Eldridge if he had admitted and expressed remorse for his mistakes. I think Eldridge was a good man with good intentions, with below-average follow up skills.

Len Greaney, Rumford

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