Be it Republican or Democrat, the last four presidents have been corporate puppets. This country needs a leader such as Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower or Jimmy Carter. All great leaders have one thing in common – they have a backbone.

Thedore Roosevelt put a stop to the corporate robber barons. Franklin Roosevelt did the proper thing to get us out of the Great Depression. Dwight Eisenhower understood war and warned this country about the kind of people who run this country today. Jimmy Carter did not play politics; he did tell us that being a slave to oil is the wrong way to go, and he tried to put programs together to start us in the proper direction. The oil people did not want that, so goodbye to Carter and hello to Reagan, their corporate puppet.

I watched the debates on both sides, and I saw only one person from either side who is a true leader, and it was not Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani.

In the next election, people should open their eyes and close their ears, and then vote for the person who has the courage to stand out in a debate. Then people will know that he or she has a backbone and will do the proper thing.

Peter Hart, Auburn

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