Why is the adulterous Hollywood community solidly behind the Democratic Party, and its two leading contenders for the presidency?

Why has this adulterous community – its writers, producers, directors and actors – consistently presented images of casual sex to American youth and worldwide with their export? Traditional Islamic societies want none of the sexual permissiveness of American culture.

Now, with the help of the Hollywood community, Americans have the specter of Sen. Hillary Clinton leading our country. Clinton is completely committed to the secular agenda of the Democratic Party and works for the promotion of the radical gay agenda and the equally radical feminist agenda. These agendas have no time or respect for the Biblical traditions of our forefathers. And, of course, she comes with Bill Clinton – such a role model for youth. But is he held to account? I don’t think so. Groups bow at his feet and pay this shameless man huge sums of money to speak.

At the same time, Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie thumbs her nose at these Biblical traditions by living an adulterous lifestyle and doesn’t care what message that sends to youth.

Traditional Islamic societies object to the secular Democratic agenda and to what Hollywood produces, and reject those parts of American culture. Not only reject, but fear that those lives and products will invade their countries and corrupt their children.

Elaine B. Graham,


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