PARIS – May 26 Nine and Dine Scramble: 1. Bob Moorehead, Joan Moorehead, Larry Farmer, Nancy Farmer, 32.

May 27 Scramble: 1. Joe Baker, John Toutant, Lee Barth, Ray Richards, Al Litchfield, Sr., 29.

Memorial Day 2-Person Best Ball: gross, Joe Baker-John Toutant, 60; Chris-Eric Johnson, 64; Chris Johnson-Bill Gates, 65; Al Litchfield, Jr.,-Seth Wilson, 73; net, Lee-Al Barth, 53; Barbara-Jon Deschenes, 54; Cacy Cantwell-Theresa Kissick, 58; Scott-Shawn Campbell, 58.


LEEDS – Saturday’s Point Quota: Rick Carlton, Dave Cowan, Jay Hopkins, 8; Jim Fennessy, Armand Favreau, John Pleau, 7; Ray Provencher, Jeff Mertzel, 6. Closest to the pin #2, Dave Cowan, 15’2″; #8, Dick Metivier, 10’2″; #13, Armand Favreau, 19’4″; #15, Bob Cochran, 18’2″. Skins, gross, Jay Hopkins, Dick Metivier, Jim Fennessy, Ron Wing; net, Rick Carlton (2), Jay Hopkins, Dick Metivier, Jim Fennessy.

May 27 Blind Draw: gross, tie, Rick Carlton-Brad Pattershall, and Brandon Marcotte-Richard McCrossin, 77; net, Robert Tremblay-Jay Hopkins, 66; Gerry Laroche-Dan Parent, 68. Skins: gross, Bruce Angelides, Jim Fennessy (2), Ray Roy, Gerry Laroche, Robert Tremblay, Ron Leeman, Dan Parent; net, Bruce Angelides (2), Jim Fennessy (2), Dan Parent. Pins: #2, Jeff Mertzel, 40′; #8, Trent Murphy, 19’2″; #13, Mertzel, 13’2″.

Memorial Day Mixed Scramble: gross, Dave Morin, Claire Morin, James Morin, Ken Carver, 62; Joel Guerette, Linda Guerette, Previte, Mary Previte, 63; net, Carmen Cohen, Sid Cohen, Gaeton Bolduc, Patti Ayotte, 52.4; Rita Howard, Rich Howard, Debbie Marshall, Ron Leeman, 52.9; Esther Pattershall, Alan Pattershall, Sharon Pattershall, Brad Pattershall, 56.8. Pins: #2, Patti Ayotte, 8’8″; #8, Sid Cohen, 10′; #13, Dave Kus, 5’8″; #15, Becky Laliberte, 14’5″. Long drive #18, men, Gaeton Bolduc; women, Pattie Ayotte, senior men, Dave Kus.

Memorial Day Blind Draw: gross, Brad Pattershall-Jim Harrington, 71; net, Ken Carver-Jim Fennessy, 55; Alan Pattershall-Rick Carlton, 57. Skins: gross, Dave Morin, Bill Crane; net, Richard McCrossin, Dave Morin, Ray Provencher, Bill Crane, Jim Fennessy, Rick Carlton. Pins: #2, Brad Pattershall, 19′; #8, Brad Pattershall, 11’11”; #13, Fred Warner, 6’3″; #15, Brad Pattershall, 18’6″.

Poland Spring

POLAND – Women’s tourney May 24, T&F: gross, Laura Young, 37; net, Diana Poliquin, 31; Joan Giguere, 34. Putts: Diana Poliquin, Laura Young, 29; closest to the pin, Joan Giguere, 29’1.5″.

The Meadows

LITCHFIELD – Friday Skins Game, May 25: gross, Roger Bertrand #12; Tony Bittues #14, 15, 16, 18; net, George Lee, #11, 16, 17, 18; Tony Bittues #12; Dennis Bailey #14; Lou Longtin #15. Closest to the pin #15, Tony Bittues, 4’3″; #17, Tim Tracy, 36’4″. Skins games are held each Friday. Call Pro Shop at 268-3000 for details.

Monday Morning Men’s League, May 28: 1. Lou Longtin, 8 points; 2. Al Edgecomb, 1. Closest to the pin #17, Brian Callahan, 29’3″. The men play each Monday morning at 8:00. New players welcome.

Wilson Lake

WILTON – June 3 is the makeup date for the “Kick-off Scramble”. Members must register by noon Friday, June 1. The tourney will begin at 8 a.m.

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