Recently L.L. Bean announced that it will be changing suppliers for the paper used to print its catalogs, from Verso Paper in Jay to an as-yet unnamed party.

Is Bean paying attention to its business here at home in Maine? They claim that they are looking for a higher percentage of post-consumer content in the paper, which the fledgling former IP mill says it can address in a reasonable period of time. To this new, smaller company, such a loss may well translate directly into local job cuts.

I’ve heard rumors that a Finnish supplier has been selected as the new source. It’s well known that the Finnish paper industry benefits from substantial government support. It seems that Bean is ready and willing to sell out our local industry after 23 years of doing business, for what may not be the seemingly noble purpose of using recycled products in their catalogs, but rather the bottom dollar.

L.L. Bean asks us to choose local Maine quality and buy their products. I, for one, will demand that they do the same before buying my next pair of boots.

Scott Walker, Winthrop

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