The International Cycling Union is considering an amnesty for riders who admit to doping, hoping it will encourage more confessions and ultimately clean up cycling. Hey, it was either this or have the Pope himself taking confessions prior to the Tour de France.

Greed is good

The president of the University of Florida made a pitch for a college football playoff at a meeting of the Southeastern Conference schools. Opponents to a playoff claim that adding more games while trying to maximize revenue would send the wrong message to universities and student-athletes. That message being that it’s okay to be greedy, just not too greedy.

Yo, yous wanna buy a ticket?

New York scalpers can now legally sell tickets to the highest bidder after Gov. Eliot Spitzer signed a measure officially ending the limits on how much brokers add to the face price. Unfortunately for Yankee fans, they’re still only going to get 50 cents on the dollar when they start trying to ditch their tickets once they realize it’s over.

No more keg stands in the owner’s box

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has banned alcohol from all team functions, saying “no constructive purpose is served by clubs continuing to make alcoholic beverages available, and that doing so imposes significant and unnecessary risks to the league, its players and others.” He didn’t discuss the risks thousands of drunken tailgating fans pose every Sunday when they leave an NFL stadium.

Maybe he should check into rehab

Antonio Tarver says he believes he was drugged prior to last year’s light heavyweight championship loss to Bernard Hopkins. Tarver said he can’t prove he was drugged, but security tape showed Lindsey Lohan stumbling close to his water bucket that night.

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