Who is in charge of deciding what pictures are featured on the Sun Journal’s front page?

When the woman’s body who was murdered in Minot was on the front page, I thought it was in the worst possible taste. It was unbelievable to see that.

However, the picture of the car-bicycle accident was truly beyond the pale. The parents of the teenager didn’t need to see that, and neither did the family of the driver. Her face is a study in anguish and despair. My heart went out to her.

Would the photographer want to see her grandmother like that?

The Sun Journal editors should ask, “Who will this hurt?” before publishing future pictures.

Most of the papers are sold on paper routes anyway, I would imagine, so a sensational picture isn’t going to increase sales.

My prayers and thoughts go out to both the teen and the driver.

Constance Timberlake, Lewiston

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