French Open: Early-round play

Noon, ESPN2

Is it bad that even if this was late-round play, Wild ‘N Out on MTV seems more appealing?

Classic Soccer: Haiti vs. U.S., 2000

3 p.m., FSC

Boy, they must be searching for programming when a 3-0 win by the Americans is classic.

Classic MLB: Braves vs. Astros, 2005

5 p.m., ESPN Classic

18-inning game. Playoffs. Atlanta pitching vs. Houston offense. Sweet game.

MLB: Yankees at White Sox

7 p.m., ESPN

New York is so snakebit that a pitcher was injured before he even got to the mound. Of course, that’s what you get when you sign a pitcher in his mid-40s.

NHL: Ducks at Senators, Game 4

8 p.m., NBC

Ottawa battled back in Game 3. Did anyone notice?

MLB: Red Sox at A’s

10 p.m., NESN

Possible playoff preview? Tavarez vs. Haren does seem like a mismatch for this one.

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