FIRST, Trot, 2,500

1. Aqualou, W. Brown

2. Cohesive, H. Campbell

3. Omega Angel, S. Mahar

4. Rompaway Yasmine, G. Bowden

5. Mal Pacino, M. Downey

SECOND, Pace, 1,700

1. Tracys Lil Darlin, J. Mosher

2. Stow N Go, W. Brown

3. Pembroke Artie, H. Campbell

4. Unclegeraldupinbox, R. Lanpher III

5. Tfarm Zen Fella, R. Blanchard

6. Doctor Cashin, M. Downey

7. R Es Scott, S. Mahar

THIRD, Pace, 1,400

1. Chillin’ Trouble, G. Hall

2. Magic Kat, C. Carter

3. Nf Three Rivers, S. Mahar

4. Be Firm With Lisa, W. Brown

5. Grandpa’s Choice, H. Campbell

6. Mattlanta Brave, C. MacKenzie

7. Miss Maya, B. Thayer

FOURTH, Pace, 2,000

1. Beach Assault, C. MacKenzie

2. Glory Days, W. Brown

3. Travelling Whitby, B. Thayer

4. Patrician, G. Bowden

5. Pembroke White Out, H. Campbell

6. Bando Maurice, J. Mosher

FIFTH, Pace, 1,800

1. Lively Character, R. Estes

2. Rocky’s Molly, W. Brown

3. Claude Seelster, R. Lanpher III

4. Hickory Hercules, S. Mahar

5. Grapes, B. Thayer 6. High Caliber, H. Campbell

7. Ghost Of A Chance, M. Downey

SIXTH, Pace, 2,500

1. Ok Blue Jean N, C. MacKenzie

2. Mac N Ernie, H. Campbell

3. Logan’s Lightening, B. Thayer

4. Membership, S. Mahar

5. Woodmere Flyn Ryan, M. Downey

SEVENTH, Pace, 3,400

1. Perfect Trick, S. Mahar

2. No Apology, M. Downey

3. Kyro Down, J. Mosher

4. Legendary One, H. Campbell

5. Point Well Taken, G. Bowden

6. Comical Brilla, R. Lanpher III

EIGHTH, Pace, 1,600

1. Gift Of Gab, G. Bowden

2. R-Dragonheart, J. Mosher

3. It’s Nukie Time, B. Thayer

4. Action Raider, H. Campbell

5. Sunrise J D, M. Downey

6. Parallax, W. Brown

7. Broadmoor, S. Mahar

8. Arctic Spur, R. Lanpher III

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