FIRST, Pace, 1,700

1. Sunrise J D, G. Barrieau

2. Promises Promises, H. Campbell

3. Hkr, M. Tammany

4. Mattlanta Brave, S. Gray

5. Glory Days, J. Bartlett

6. Patrician, G. Bowden

7. Miss Maya, B. Thayer

SECOND, Pace, 3,400

1. Kandi Chip, J. Mosher

2. Membership, S. Mahar

3. Saulsbrook Dandy, G. Barrieau

4. Passion Hurricane, B. Thayer

5. Cartel Hanover, J. Bartlett

6. Point Well Taken, G. Bowden

7. Ripogenus, S. Gray

8. Jet Stream Playboy, J. Smallwood

THIRD, Pace, 1,800

1. Yea-Mel, C. MacKenzie

2. Good Luck Chip, S. Gray

3. Fuzzy Convict, R. Lanpher III

4. Tangys Pocket, G. Bowden

5. Delightful Devil, H. Campbell

6. Claude Seelster, J. Bartlett

7. Magnum Pei, S. Mahar

FOURTH, Pace, 2,500

1. Mondo Hanover, H. Campbell

2. Global Raider, T. Hudson

3. Woodmere Flyn Ryan, M. Downey

4. Episodic, S. Taggart

5. Gordies Last Call, G. Barrieau

6. Sandtana Score N, J. Mosher

FIFTH, Pace, 1,955

1. Arctic Spur, R. Lanpher III

2. Select Artiste, S. MacKenzie

3. K Bec Pride, J. Bartlett

4. Be Firm With Lisa, S. Gray

5. G M Viking Doll, G. Bowden

6. I’m Sinful, H. Campbell

7. Jaybee On Broadway

8. One Vine Lady, V. Grondin

SIXTH, Trot, 3,400

1. Earl Vic Dol, S. Taggart

2. Muscleman, S. MacKenzie

3. Omega Angel, S. Mahar

4. Mal Pacino, M. Downey

5. Pine Magic, K. Ireland

SEVENTH, Pace, 1,600

1. Vytis, C. MacKenzie

2. Jaws, R. Lanpher III

3. Kentucky Turbo, H. Gray

4. Maurice The Rocket, J. Bartlett

5. Action Raider, H. Campbell

6. Sundowner, R. Pratt

7. Trebuchet, B. Thayer

EIGHTH, Pace, 4,300

1. Best Connection, G. Barrieau

2. Bank Shot, S. Gray

3. Freedom Hanover, W. Brown

4. Just Plain Henry, B. Thayer

5. Four Starz Search, J. Bartlett

6. Order To Go, M. Downey

7. Son Of Arturo, G. Bowden

NINTH, Pace, 4,800

1. Cams Knight Dream, J. Bartlett

2. Saku, B. Thayer

3. Pembroke Cushy, H. Campbell

4. Kdk Bellagio, G. Bowden

5. Magnetic Benka, G. Barrieau

6. The Boy N, S. Gray

7. Yankee Anthem, S. Mahar

TENTH, Pace, 1,800

1. Golden Virtue, S. Mahar

2. Oceanview Copper, K. Ireland

3. Tracys Lil Darlin, J. Mosher

4. Youcancallmesam, J. Bartlett

5. Pembroke Grampybub, H. Campbell

6. Circles Dragonlady, C. MacKenzie

7. Bunnys No Angel, R. Lanpher III

8. Hana Blue Chip, M. Downey

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